Top Home Design Trends for 2022

With 2022 promising to consolidate and grow the value of your property even further after a record-breaking 2021, it’s tempting to seriously consider your real estate options.

An increasing number of properties are likely to go onto the market over the next 12 months, and this will give you a better opportunity to upgrade. If you’re thinking of downsizing, then there’s never been a better time to partially cash-out and help finance your retirement.

As experienced local agents, we know it’s always a mistake to assume you’ll make top-dollar on your home in a confident market without any effort.

Even with strong prices, you need to prepare your property meticulously, especially as buyers are starting to have more choice than last year.

Before splashing out on a major renovation, make sure you’ve ticked all the items on your maintenance to do list. This might include fixing any rusty gutters, erasing scratches on interior walls, replacing the washers in leaky taps and so on.

If you’ve ticked those boxes, then you might want explore some interior design options that will give your home the wow-factor and give you a much better chance of maximizing the value of your home.

Below, are some options that are becoming increasingly popular based on design trends for 2022. 

Colour is king

There’s long been a rule that sticking with neutral colours such as soft whites and creams is the best strategy when selling a home. But that can make a home a little predictable and boring. If you want to add a splash of color, then misty greens are the fashionable option this year. Interior designers are embracing nature indoors this season, arguing that it offers a natural flow into your garden and entertainment area.

Nature in neutral

Soft hues of green are not the only option. Many designers are embracing light browns and earthier experiences, such as rust and beige, for not only walls but furniture and accessories, such as throw-rugs and cushions. 

Nice curves

Angular furniture is out. The fashion today is for sweeping, gentle lines that emphasise comfort and relaxation. Austere, chrome-dominated seats and tables with sharp edges are out. The “refuge from Covid” theme is probably driving this trend. 

Texture tweaks 

Designers love texture either for painted walls, wall hangings or accessories. Again, this is a strategy to embrace nature. Check-out the sites like Pinterest and Houzz for decorating inspiration with leather, wood and even natural stone. Additionally, use authentic artisanal pieces around the home rather than mass-produced items.  

Old and new together

The belief you can’t mix the old with the new is out. In fact, it’s actively discouraged now. So, hit the antique shops hard and then feel free to place your newly-purchased period pieces next to Alexa, or any digital assistant of your choice!