The art of moving…and great tips from our friends at Green Box Removals

Moving is stressful and time consuming, but there is certainly an art to it which can minimize your stress and make the whole experience as pain free as possible.

After the immediate elation that comes with buying or renting a new home wanes, you may find yourself looking around your current home feeling the heavy reality of having to pack up and move weigh firmly on your shoulders. Moving is stressful and time consuming, but there is certainly an art to it which can minimize your stress and make the whole experience as pain free as possible.

Here are a few tips –

  1. Contain the process – We have moved several times and what I like to do first is nominate a room, usually the one we use the least, as the room to store the majority of the packed moving boxes I find for my peace of mind, that I prefer not having open boxes scattered throughout my home. This room then gets repurposed and slowly gets filled with packed moving boxes as we pack up the house.
  2. Box up the non-essentials first – Several weeks before our move we will start and I will go through our home and try and reduce the content of each room by 50%. This the 50% I can do without. For example, the glassware and dinner plates only used when entertaining, out of season clothing, the majority of the books – essentially anything that is not going ot be used for the next few weeks.
  3. Make a plan – Work back from moving date and plan out when rooms are going to be packed up. Think about how pets will be transported and perhaps consider having children sleepover at friends or grandparents the night before the move so their beds can be stripped and the morning of the move can run smoothly.
  4. Book in a professional to do an exit clean – As a sign of courtesy and respect to the purchasers or next tenants of your property invest in some professional cleaning. The products they use are most certainly more fit for purpose than your average cleaning products and its money well spent to reduce your stress when you are so time poor.
  5. Select an excellent Removalist – Not all removalists offer the same service. It can be easy to get confused and not appreciate the differentiation in service and approach We contacted Green Box removals, a local Pymble based removalist, whom we have personally used before and have had a great experience with, to provide you with some pointers when selecting a removalist service.

How to Hire a Great Removalist

Congratulations on buying or selling a property! The hardest part is over (made easier by your team at Luschwitz), but unfortunately you may be starting to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of organising your move. There are so many options, and you aren’t sure where to start! You know you want someone trustworthy, efficient, experienced, professional, and offering good value for money. You may start by going online and Googling for a local removalist, or asking for recommendations on your preferred social media channel. Either way it seems like a shot in the dark on something as important as finding the right people to make your move stress free and keep your belongings safe.

Here are the five most important questions to ask in order to help you make the right decision on your removalist hire:

How long have they been in business?

Generally speaking, companies that have been around for more than 5 years have survived enough challenges to be experienced in how they handle tough situations. The important thing to note is whether they have had the same owner/manager or there’s a high churn of employees. While it’s often difficult to keep staff long term in removalist companies, it’s helpful to find out if their staff are well taken care of. How companies treat their employees often gives insight into how they treat their customers. 

What do their reviews say?

You can always check the reviews of the removalist you are considering, whether through social media or their own website. Nothing gives more insights than customers with experience working with removalist companies. Keep in mind that companies can control what people see on those channels, so it’s also important to see who is writing the reviews and their relationship with the removalist company.

How are they providing a quote?

Be suspicious of removalist businesses that provide a fixed rate or don’t ask to view your items to move or property access points before providing a quote. Fixed rate quotes often over-estimate the time it will take in order to cover themselves just in case, and even though many customers like the knowledge of an exact number, it usually isn’t the best option. Removalist businesses that quote an hourly rate but don’t see the items you’re actually moving or the difficulty of your property access cannot properly estimate number of staff or hours, leaving you exposed to potentially much higher charges at the end of the job.

Are they local or national?

Most local businesses offer personalised service, and are invested in the community so are more focused on providing a top-notch customer experience to ensure happy customers spread the word locally. They can be more price-competitive as well, with less overhead costs for marketing and offices. However, if moving interstate, it’s more likely to get a competitive price and professional service with national removalist companies.

Is the company insured? Do they offer different insurance options?

Never use a moving company without liability insurance. You should be able to openly talk about the different insurance options with the company owner/manager and consider which is right for you. It’s also worthwhile to check to see if your personal items are covered during your move under your home and content insurance if you have one.

Ultimately, you want your removalist to make you feel valued and safe, from the first moment you engage with them to the final payment. Trust your gut when it comes to hiring the right removalist company, and don’t always focus on price. It’s often worth the extra money for finding reliable, courteous, trustworthy professionals to help you manage the stress of relocation.

If you’d like to inquire about Green Box Removals’ services, please follow this link for exclusive deals for Luschwitz customers. Good luck and happy moving!!!

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