Ku-ring-gai Property Update for Monday 17th September 2018

Our Ku-ring-gai Property Update For Monday 17th September 2018

Here is our Ku-ring-gai Property Update For Monday 17th September 2018. September stock levels continues to rise with auction clearance rates and turnover still stagnant – a relatively subdued Spring market so far. Much talk today about the 60 Minutes feature last night ‘Bricks and slaughter’ and the dire outlook it presented for the Australian property market. Many of the predictions on show came from Martin North, a data scientist and banking sector analyst, from Digital Finance Analytics http://digitalfinanceanalytics.com/. Interestingly on his blog today Martin was suggesting that, whilst he certainly has a bearish outlook, he doesn’t see the dramatic fall (40%) in prices presented in the segment as being the most likely scenario. Have a read of the article here http://digitalfinanceanalytics.com/blog/why-i-am-not-betting-with-the-kouk/ and find out what Martin really thinks.