Alesha Fenn

Senior Property Manager

About Alesha

With an established background in real estate, Alesha Fenn is a strong advocate for the Luschwitz brand, she brings a fresh, innovative approach to streamline the property management team.  Equipped with an impressive set of skills and wealth of knowledge, Alesha always uses her initiative and natural problem-solving ability to achieve the best possible outcome.

As an industry professional, Alesha delivers a premium and personalised service.  She has a solid history of working closely with clients that have entrusted her with their most valuable assets because she is relatable, highly organised and efficient.

Alesha’s success is built based on developing and nurturing relationships with new and previous clients.  She continually produces excellent results that exceed their expectations.  She is valued for her transparency together with her astute negotiating skills and is well known for taking the time to understand her client’s needs.

Outside of work, Alesha enjoys quality time with her family and engaging in her passion anything to do with interior decorating and design.